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I wanna be a Savvy Pet!

Loyalty Program for Savvy Pets

Frequent Buyer Program

Buy 10 Bags, Get the 11th Bag Free!

Yep, you read that right. Buy 10 Bags, Cases or Boxes of Food and get your 11th one FREE

Its our way of saying Thank You!

Thank you for your Business, your Loyalty and your Love.

Best of all, you won't need to keep track of it.

All Frequent Buyer Cards are kept In-Store.

Official Details

The Frequent Buyer Program requires you to purchase the same brand and bag size in order to receive a Free one. Protein rotation is perfectly fine and encouraged! You will receive the cheapest of your previously purchased bags for Free. This program is specific to Savvy Pet Supply and is not directly associated with Brand Programs. A few examples are shown below:

Primal Pronto

1- Chicken Pronto 4#
2- Beef Pronto 4#
3- Turkey & Sardine 4#
4- Chicken Pronto 4#
5- Beef Pronto 4#
6- Turkey & Sardine 4#
7- Chicken Pronto 4#
8- Beef Pronto 4#
9- Turkey & Sardine 4#
10- Chicken Pronto 4#

11th FREE - Chicken or Beef Pronto 4#


1- Gold Adult 30#
2- Gold Heartland 26#
3- Gold Adult 30#
4- Gold Heartland 26#
5- Gold Adult 30#
6- Gold Heartland 26#
7- Gold Adult 30#
8- Gold Heartland 26#
9- Gold Adult 30#
10- Gold Heartland 26#

11th FREE - Gold Adult 30#

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